The Astrologer Daily: Testing Relationships. February 27th, 2015

mars quincunx venus 295x300 The Astrologer Daily: Testing Relationships. February 27th, 2015The moody Cancer Moon makes squares to both Venus and Mars today. Romantic relationships could be stressful. People’s feelings may be easily hurt. This isn’t a good time to comment on a loved one’s shortcomings. Even offering advice can trigger arguments. Conflict can cause stomach problems and anxiety.

Fortunately, the Moon also forms a trine to sentimental Neptune. Soothing routines are favored. Preparing comfort food, taking a nap or luxuriating in a hot bath can be tremendously therapeutic. A little self-pampering is strongly advised. When things go wrong, remain calm. There will be plenty of opportunity to fix mistakes and make amends.

The Astrologer Daily: Travel. February 26th, 2015

sun in virgo 2 300x225 The Astrologer Daily: Travel. February 26th, 2015The curious Gemini Moon makes a sextile to adventurous Jupiter today. A trip for pleasure could be extremely fulfilling. Getting a change of scenery puts problems in proper perspective. Even serious difficulties will seem manageable after breaking away from a stifling routine. Take this opportunity to sample locally owned restaurants and boutiques. Escape the stranglehold of corporate culture.

It’s also a good time to take a class. Learning a foreign language, mastering a musical instrument or studying an ancient civilization can provide much needed intellectual stimulation. An encouraging teacher can strengthen your confidence and help you find hidden talents.

The Astrologer Daily: Stay Focused. February 25th, 2015

saturn conjunct mercury 300x149 The Astrologer Daily: Stay Focused. February 25th, 2015Courageous Mars makes a trine to persistent Saturn today. This would be a good time to chip away at a difficult task. Remarkable progress can occur by blocking out distractions, remaining focused and staying in motion. When obstacles are encountered, pretend as though they don’t exist. Don’t wait for permission or ask for help. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

In addition, a conjunction between the Sun and Neptune favors creative endeavors. Becoming a superstar in a creative circle is a distinct possibility, particularly for Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Favorable publicity could come as a result of putting work on display in a gallery or boutique.

The Astrologer Daily: Favor Long-Term Planning. February 24th, 2015

venus trine saturn 225x300 The Astrologer Daily: Favor Long Term Planning. February 24th, 2015Gracious Venus makes a trine to professional Saturn today. It should be easy to win favor with authority figures under this influence, especially for people born under the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Job interviews, business trips and public presentations can pay off. A polite attitude, especially around money can pave the way for a successful alliance with someone who has power, prestige and influence.

Devising products and services can also be profitable. Find ways to make lives pleasant, comfortable and beautiful. Classic styles can win customers from every walk of life. Items that are too edgy or modern won’t be nearly as popular as ones that evoke a sense of nostalgia.