The Astrologer Daily: Over-Spending. January 28th, 2015

venus square neptune The Astrologer Daily: Over Spending. January 28th, 2015The restless Gemini Moon makes a square to luxurious Venus. Resist the urge to make expensive impulse purchases. The comfort such items afford will only be temporary. Saving up for something that provides long-term contentment is a good alternative to binge shopping.

The Moon also forms an opposition to serious Saturn. Difficulties with authority figures could arise. When faced with problems, resist the urge to turn and run. Honoring commitments can bolster confidence and strengthen resolve. Stay focused on the long-term future. Troubles will come and go, but prolonged contentment can be attained through hard work and dedication.

Venus in Pisces

uranus in pisces 1 300x217 Venus in PiscesVenus moves into Pisces where it stays until February 20th.

Under the influence of Venus in Pisces, and depending on where this ingress transits through your natal chart, you may feel sweeter than sugar and softer than a pillow.

You may find yourself acting like an incurable romantic, living in your own little dream world, at least as much as the cruel world will permit. You could be very detached from the reality you usually experience but you may be incredibly creative and open to inspiration. In fact, developing creativity and artistry will give you a great deal of satisfaction during this time. Let that motivate you.

The Astrologer Daily: Venus moves into Pisces. January 27th, 2015

venus in cancer 300x199 The Astrologer Daily: Venus moves into Pisces. January 27th, 2015Artistic Venus moves into creative Pisces today. Business ventures related to art, entertainment and music could be profitable. People born under the signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces could strike especially good deals. Work involving film, fashion or photography could also become available. The opportunity to work behind the scenes for a talented artist may soon arrive.

Mental Mercury also makes a sextile to spontaneous Uranus. Brilliant ideas can occur while performing mundane chores. Developing the concept for an invention is strongly advised. Teaming up with a technologically oriented person can be fruitful. Tinkering with gadgetry can also be rewarding.

The Astrologer Daily: Dreams. January 26th, 2015

uranus conjunct neptune 300x199 The Astrologer Daily: Dreams. January 26th, 2015The practical Taurus Moon makes a sextile to idealistic Neptune today. This may be a great time to turn a cherished dream into a living reality. Take the first small step toward a goal. This could be the beginning of a long, rewarding journey. Turn a deaf ear to skeptics who think this goal is ill advised and a waste of time. Great things are possible under this influence.

Donating time, money and energy to a good cause is strongly advised. Getting involved with a charitable organization can keep sadness at bay. It can also spark strong, supportive friendships.