The Astrologer Daily: Compassion, November 24th, 2014

neptune trine mars 296x300 The Astrologer Daily: Compassion, November 24th, 2014The ambitious Capricorn Moon forms a sextile to idealistic Neptune today. Finding work that reflects our principles will be possible. Finding ways to help the most vulnerable members of society will be rewarding. Anyone seeking a job should explore openings at hospitals, charitable institutions and government agencies.

We also may be more sensitive to the moods of others. Reaching out to people in distress will be a good use of our time. We have the ability to clear confusion, ease anxiety and provide direction. Anyone acting as a Good Samaritan could be handsomely rewarded. We should obey our compassionate instincts.

The Astrologer Daily: Think Different, November 23rd, 2014

uranus in aquarius 212x300 The Astrologer Daily: Think Different, November 23rd, 2014The outgoing Sagittarius Moon forms trines with both upbeat Jupiter and unique Uranus today. We should take every opportunity to try new things under this influence. Break away from the old routine. People born under the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may feel especially daring. Taking risks could pay off handsomely for these people.

Fundraising efforts for cultural, religious and educational institutions may be profitable. Conceiving of unique ways to generate awareness can greatly help the most vulnerable members of our community. We would be wise to band together to collect resources and distribute them to those in need.

The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: November 23rd – 29th

This week, clever Mercury forms a conjunction to disciplined Saturn, making it a great time to master a complicated subject. Public presentations and business meetings should also go well. Affectionate Venus makes a trine to offbeat Uranus which has romantic sparks flying.  Lack of consideration for others could also occur under this influence.

The egotistical Sun’s square to deceptive Neptune could make people think they are more important than they really are. Excessive demands and unrealistic expectations could backfire. Mental Mercury enters wise Sagittarius, favoring travel, study and writing. Taking up a serious course of study could be emotionally satisfying and intellectually stimulating.

The Astrologer Daily: Sun in Sagittarius, November 22nd, 2014

sun in sagittarius 20 300x201 The Astrologer Daily: Sun in Sagittarius, November 22nd, 2014The Sun moves into principled Sagittarius today, giving rise to the New Moon. Taking a stand about an ethical matter is favored. Beware of people who cry crocodile tears as a means to get out of trouble. Enforcing the rules consistently will prevent manipulators from trying to take advantage of the system. We should do our best to ensure everyone is treated equally.

Later, restless Mercury makes a square to expansive Jupiter. Travel is strongly discouraged under this influence. Wait a few days before booking hotel rooms and plane tickets. This also isn’t a good time to discuss sensitive topics like religion and politics.