The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: March 29th – April 4th

lunar eclipse150x150 The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: March 29th   April 4thFlirtatious Venus makes a trine to seductive Pluto, igniting sparks with a love interest. Decisive Mercury slides into bold Aries, causing split-second decisions that move projects forward at warp speed.

Determined Mars moves into stable Taurus, making it a good time to cultivate financial and emotional security. A trine between Mercury and Saturn paves the way for successful career talks.

The spirited Sun makes a trine to optimistic Jupiter, attracting opportunities for love, luck and money. This is a great time to take emotional and financial risks. A Lunar Eclipse in co-dependent Libra could cause a jarring breakup quite suddenly.

The Astrologer Daily: Learning. March 28th, 2015

school 300x225 The Astrologer Daily: Learning. March 28th, 2015The yearning Cancer Moon makes a trine to curious Mercury today. This is a good time to fill educational gaps. Taking a class in a subject that has always been a source of fascination may be rewarding. There’s a huge difference between being forced to study a topic and choosing one.

In addition, today’s Moon will make a square to determined Mars. Beware of giving up too easily. Instead of dwelling on the unfairness of a situation, find ways around the problem. Refusal to back down builds character. It can also bolster confidence and earn respect. Stay focused and keep moving forward.

The Astrologer Daily: Curb Excess. March 27th, 2015

jupiter opposite venus 300x207 The Astrologer Daily: Curb Excess. March 27th, 2015Vain Venus makes a square to excessive Jupiter. This isn’t a good time to kick back and relax; it’s better to attend to responsibility. Indulging in pleasure while others work could create serious resentment. It’s better to put fun on the back burner and join the fray. There will be plenty of time to indulge in sensual pleasure later, when the work pile has been dramatically reduced.

Vacations could be more expensive than expected. It may be better to visit a hotspot when it isn’t as popular. Not only can this save money, but it will reduce long waits for restaurants and other amusements.

The Astrologer Daily: Tower of Babel. March 26th, 2015

mercury square sun 258x300 The Astrologer Daily: Tower of Babel. March 26th, 2015The scattered Gemini Moon makes a square to restless Mercury today. Resist the urge to make hasty decisions or go on sudden trips. Emotions get in the way of making good choices. It can be especially difficult to know what is best for suffering relatives. Wait, reflect and stay calm. Answers to these dilemmas will arrive, provided patience is exercised.

Trips could be cancelled due to mechanical problems. Try not to dwell on disappointment. Other opportunities to get away will arrive. Right now, it may be best to stay put. Fixing comfort food can be very soothing under this influence.