The Astrologer Daily: Venus opposite Pluto, July 27th, 2014

pluto opposite venus The Astrologer Daily: Venus opposite Pluto, July 27th, 2014Receptive Venus opposes persuasive Pluto today. If we’re not careful, we could fall victim to manipulators. Don’t be too quick to fall in line with other people’s suggestions. Requests for money should be refused, as they will drain valuable resources. People born under the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may be especially vulnerable to con artists.

Selfishness could rear its ugly head, too. It’s important to speak up when we feel neglected. Suffering in silence will only compound the problem. Demanding respect will restore a healthy balance to a troubled relationship. It’s better to be single than taken for granted.

The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: July 27th – August 2nd

This week, indulgent Venus opposes brooding Pluto, making people selfish and inconsiderate. Cooperation could be very difficult. Mental Mercury moves into fun-loving Leo, favoring fun and games. A square between affectionate Venus and independent Uranus could cause disruptions in romantic relationships.

Tasteful Venus’s trine to disciplined Saturn favors business ventures related to art, entertainment and luxury items. A square between Mars and Jupiter may cause people to take advantage of one another. Restless Mercury’s conjunction to expansive Jupiter could prompt a trip for pleasure. A heated argument with a relative or neighbor could erupt due to talkative Mercury’s square to combative Mars.

The Astrologer Daily: New Moon, July 26th, 2014

new moon The Astrologer Daily: New Moon, July 26th, 2014The New Moon in Leo fills us with enthusiasm today. This is a wonderful time to kick back, relax and have fun. Romantic outings, sporting events and creative endeavors are all favored. People born under the signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius should put work on the back burner otherwise will miss golden opportunities.

Spending time with children may be especially enjoyable. We’d be wise to plan activities tailored to their interests. It’s easy to forget our cares under a festive influence like this. A small gamble could pay off handsomely. Confess a crush, buy a lottery ticket or try something new.

Mars moves into Scorpio

mars in scorpio150x150 Mars moves into ScorpioMars moves into Scorpio where it will stay until September 13th. Mars is at its strongest when it’s in Scorpio (and Also when it’s in Aries).

While Mars is in Scorpio, and depending on how this influence affects your natal chart, you’ve got the willpower and stamina to do whatever you set your mind to. Once you dig in, you’re willing to work extremely hard to reach your goals, overcoming any obstacle that gets in your way. You’ve got the strength and persistence to make deep and lasting changes now, so get clear about what you want and go for it!