The Astrologer Daily: New Moon, September 23rd, 2014

new moon150x150 The Astrologer Daily: New Moon, September 23rd, 2014The New Moon in Libra favors partnerships of all kinds today. This is a great time to embark on a romance or launch a business alliance. It may be hard to resist the charms of an outgoing adventurer. We should allow ourselves to be exposed to new ideas, unfamiliar vistas and unusual people.

Romance is highly favored, especially for people born under the signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Single people could find love at intellectually stimulating places like bookstores, libraries and classrooms. People in committed relationships should spend quality time with their partners. A loving e-mail, text message or letter could set the tone for an evening of intimacy.

The Astrologer Daily: Pluto turns Direct, September 22nd, 2014

pluto in capricorn150x150 The Astrologer Daily: Pluto turns Direct, September 22nd, 2014Determined Pluto moves forward in Capricorn today. Our career ambitions could get a big boost. Request a promotion, apply for high-profile jobs or prepare to switch industries. A show of courage could pay off handsomely. We need to push past our fears for the sake of advancement. Otherwise, it could be difficult to fulfill our potential.

Fortunately, the Sun also moves into charming Libra. Making a good impression on job interviews could be easy. Under this influence, we can negotiate pay raises and promotions. Forming business partnerships is another possibility for getting ahead, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

The Astrologer Daily: Venus sextile Saturn, September 21st, 2014

saturn quincunx venus The Astrologer Daily: Venus sextile Saturn, September 21st, 2014Tasteful Venus forms a sextile to ambitious Saturn today. Older people can help advance our career prospects. This is a great time to ask advice on filling out job applications, conducting interviews and assembling work samples. Someone with experience in our desired field may be especially instructive. Don’t dismiss these suggestions as old-fashioned or unrealistic.

Aggressive Mars also makes a square to confusing Neptune. Romantic misunderstandings can also occur. Ongoing arguments about housekeeping, work priorities and intimacy will not be resolved. Table these issues for another time. Even an innocent joke can be blown out of proportion.

The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: September 21st – 27th

Gracious Venus makes a sextile to businesslike Saturn, paving the way for a raise or promotion. A square between aggressive Mars and retiring Neptune could lead to buried resentments. Don’t let anger fester under this influence. Transformative Pluto goes direct in structured Capricorn. It’s time to return to a project designed to bring long-term security.

The Sun moves into diplomatic Libra, supporting close relationships. The New Moon in Libra could mark a new romance or business alliance. A trine between optimistic Jupiter and Uranus means stepping out of our comfort zone.  Mercury moves into resourceful Scorpio, inspiring the creation of a sensible budget.