The Astrologer Daily: Mercury sextile Jupiter, October 20th, 2014

mercury trine jupiter The Astrologer Daily: Mercury sextile Jupiter, October 20th, 2014Curious Mercury makes a sextile to expansive Jupiter today. It’s a wonderful time to expand our knowledge of an engrossing subject. Sign up for an interesting class as soon as possible. Vacancies can fill up quickly under this influence. Studying a foreign language or learning how to play a musical instrument are strongly favored.

This is also a good time to renegotiate a contract. We can ask for very generous terms by remaining upbeat and flexible. It won’t be necessary to play hardball. Courteous behavior may yield the best results for all the parties involved. The words “please” and “thank you” can move mountains.

The Astrologer Daily: Venus sextile Mars, October 19th, 2014

mars sextile venus The Astrologer Daily: Venus sextile Mars, October 19th, 2014Alluring Venus makes a sextile to flirtatious Mars today. Romantic encounters are highly favored. This is a great time to enjoy a date night. We’d be wise to plan an outing that caters to our loved one’s tastes. A thoughtful gesture like this will be repaid with warm affection. Taking the initiative in a business deal is also advised.

Ventures involving art, entertainment and luxury goods could be especially profitable. Even a small investment could yield significant rewards. Anyone who is contemplating launching a business with their romantic partner should probably obey this impulse. It’s a good opportunity to mix business with pleasure.

The Astrologer Weekly Horoscopes: October 19th – 25th

It’s a busy week, astrologically speaking. Loving Venus makes a sextile to aggressive Mars; steamy flirtations and romantic encounters are favored. Curious Mercury’s sextile to adventurous Jupiter makes this a great time to take a trip. The confident Sun moves into seductive Scorpio, heightening personal allure. Alluring Venus also moves into Scorpio, deepening the desire for love, romance and passion.

A Solar Eclipse in Scorpio marks an empowering turning point. This is a marvelous opportunity to pay off debts, open savings account and achieve financial stability. A conjunction between the Sun and Venus could prompt a clothes shopping spree. Mercury turns direct in Libra, facilitating communications.

The Astrologer Daily: Leo Moon, October 18th, 2014

wellbeing150x150 The Astrologer Daily: Leo Moon, October 18th, 2014The loving Leo Moon makes supportive angles to both Mercury and Venus today. Planning an amusing outing for children is strongly favored. Put work on the back burner. By taking advantage of the lighthearted energy of this influence, we could feel years younger. A child’s enthusiasm can put seemingly serious problems in proper perspective.

Keep work on the back burner. Resist the urge to check messages. If we fully enjoy our free time, we’ll be much more productive when the weekend is over. There’s nothing frivolous about having fun. It’s an essential component to a happy, rewarding life.