Weekly Overview: June 6th – June 12th

calendar © Alaivani3 150x150 Weekly Overview: June 6th   June 12thYou can impress others with your confidence and sense of purpose on Monday. Tuesday, your grasp of detail brings tangible results, and benefits all concerned. Praise or help from someone in authority may leave you at a loss for words on Wednesday… Thursday and Friday, observe your and others’ interactions – not all is as it seems, at first glance. Introspection is good for the soul on Saturday. Sunday, balance your checkbook.

This week’s moon phase: The First Quarter Moon at 17 degrees Virgo on Wednesday helps you evaluate your progress to date. Obstacles may arise. If they do, figure out the best way to eliminate them.

Best Days:
Aries: Monday , Sunday
Taurus: Wednesday , Thursday
Gemini: Saturday , Friday
Cancer: Sunday , Monday

Leo: Monday , Friday
Virgo: Wednesday , Thursday
Libra: Friday , Saturday
Scorpio: Sunday , Saturday
Sagittarius: Monday , Saturday
Capricorn: Wednesday , Thursday
Aquarius: Saturday , Friday
Pisces: Sunday , Monday

Celebrity Birthdays this week:

Monday 6th: Sandra Bernhard
Tuesday 7th: Prince
Wednesday 8th: Kanye West
Thursday 9th: Johnny Depp
Friday 10th: Elizabeth Hurley
Saturday 11th: Shia LaBeouf
Sunday 12th: Jason Mewes