Sun trine Neptune: Sensitive and Spiritual

angel c MeghanCalypsoHardiman 150x150 Sun trine Neptune: Sensitive and Spiritual

photo: Meghan Calypso Hardiman

The Sun at 28 degrees Libra forms a trine to Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius. This time isn’t about working hard so much as they’re for listening and responding to the soul level of life.

The artistic, spiritual and compassionate side of life all cry out for attention but we have to be careful to pay attention to the call, because it’s easy to disregard in the world of ambition and achievement.

People feel more open and sensitive than usual and will radiate soul outward to others, not to mention emotion. Heightened compassion and sympathy make this an excellent time to do community service, commit anonymous acts of compassion or visit the sick or the elderly.

Don’t expect focus or concentration from anyone; instead, go with the flow and take advantage of this radiant, soothing, healing energy by listening to music or viewing art or cinema.

If you have Sun trine Neptune as a natal aspect:

You’re a truly kind soul who sees the best in everyone. You are tender-hearted and supremely sensitive, physically, emotionally, and intuitively. Others love to be around you since you can tell how they feel without them having to say anything; furthermore, you respond silently to their condition and help them feel comforted.

Your feelings can be easily hurt but generally you will not say anything about it. Extreme care must be taken with food and drink and medicines, and everything should be as pure as possible. Your intuitive capacity is excellent, and you are a person who needs to be attentive to your spiritual needs.

A sense of devotion and feeling of reverence enables you to truly connect to the vast invisible realm that surrounds and fills every human. This sensitivity makes you quite impressionable, so you must be careful to avoid violent or disturbing images, for they deeply upset you.

Your tendency to want to see the good in every situation makes you blind to certain unpleasant realities. Keep yourself grounded so you do not become too gullible or let others take advantage of your good nature.