Mercury square Mars opposite Neptune: Misguided, Angry Words

mercury square mars 150x150 Mercury square Mars opposite Neptune: Misguided, Angry Words

photo: kumar303

Mercury at 23 degrees Scorpio forms a square to Mars at 23 degrees Leo. Mercury also forms a square to Neptune while Mars forms an opposition. This major configuration is known as a “Fixed T-square.”

Even if you’re usually a kind and gentle person, at this time you could also incredibly determined and strong-willed. Many might label you as stubborn, as you cling willfully to outmoded attitudes or refuse to be flexible when it comes to making adjustments of any sort. This rigidity hurts you more than it helps, particularly when there is no good reason for your stubbornness other than your own inflexibility. With the energy of Neptune your ideas and opinions may not always be realistic. At this time you may choose to take the hard road when the easy road would do just as well.

Tempers could flare and arguments may erupt. Many people are irritable and prone to risky or rash behavior — not dangerous, simply short-tempered. Some folks will pick a fight simply for the sake of fighting, and sometimes it really does feel good to raise our voices in indignation.

Since it’s so easy to misread others’ signals during this time, it’s much better to ask questions and withhold judgment than to stomp off in anger. Explaining ourselves calmly also helps to alleviate this stressful energy.

One thing’s for sure, though: We’ll move in fits and starts during this period, and very little will go smoothly. Communications flounder and concentration is difficult as our minds run off in all directions. We tend toward premature action, impatience and jumping to conclusions without all the facts. Laughing at ourselves will help diffuse this tension.