Mars trine Pluto: Physical Stamina

mars trine pluto 150x150 Mars trine Pluto: Physical Stamina

photo: mariachily

Mars in Virgo at 6 degrees forms a trine to Pluto in Capricorn at 6 degrees at 6:02 am PT. Both Mars and Pluto form a trine to retrograde Jupiter at 2 degrees Taurus. This major configuration is known as a Grand Earth Trine.

Passion and purpose unite for the period that this transit lasts and we an accomplish an incredible amount of work and progress during this time. This is a good period to work on long-range plans and ambitions.

Create a plan for self-improvement and start without delay. We’ve got a good sense of what’s possible now, even if we know it will be difficult. We don’t shirk from long hours, sustained effort or grueling tasks at this time.

Endurance, patience, stamina and ambition are the gifts of this energy. Strategy, too. We know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em. There never was a better time to trust our gut.

Our command of ourselves offers a shining example of leadership and self-control to those around us. At the end of the day, dancing and drumming both offer excellent ways to release and yet embody this intense energy. A vigorous workout in which we push ourselves to the limit feels very satisfying, and if we’re partnered, sexual healing increases intimacy and connection in powerful ways.

If you have Mars trine Pluto as a natal aspect:

Developing physical strength and stamina is only one way that you exert self-control. Your inner drive to empower yourself as much as possible on every level is one of your greatest strengths and enables you to go far in this life, by the force of your own steam. You’d much rather do something yourself than depend upon anyone else to do it for you, or even take their help.

You have definite ideas about the way things should be done — even things that are out of your domain. You like to reform and improve, to make things better. This predisposes you to being able to help others, and in fact you bring several skills to the table in this regard.

You are not easily shocked. And you have such intense feelings, not all of them pretty. Despite their intensity and your fears to the contrary, you are not alone in these feelings. These are the gifts you can bring as a counselor, helping others in the processing of troublesome experiences and deep emotions.

You are a natural competitor, and won’t enter a game or contest unless you are fairly sure you can win. You must beware of obsessiveness, and also of being too wrapped up in yourself. You are a person who can accomplish a great deal in life.