Mercury square Uranus: Easily Distracted

mercury square uranus 150x150 Mercury square Uranus: Easily Distracted

photo: Sean Kelley

Mercury at 1 degree Capricorn forms a square to Uranus at 1 degree Aries at 3:24 pm PT.

Be extra careful when driving or even walking around today. Accidents can happen easily under this general influence, and momentary lapses of attention or being in too much of a hurry can lead to unpleasant incidents. In other words, everyone else is as easily distracted — and annoyed — as you are.

Short attention spans give us the tendency to drop a task before it’s finished, much to the annoyance of those depending upon us. To counteract this propensity to mentally run off in all directions at once, it’s a good idea to schedule lots of different tasks for ourselves so we don’t get bored.

Speaking in simple words and short sentences helps head off the miscommunications that can easily occur now. It’s easy to get upset and start yelling. Instead, laugh if something disrupts your carefully laid plans. It can’t be helped, so it’s best just to move on.

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If you have Mercury square Uranus as a natal aspect:

You have a restless mind that has a tendency to wander all over the place and which will require discipline (a quality you’ll have to find elsewhere in your chart) to master. Your thought processes do not follow established paths. Instead, they follow strange, untraceable routes hither, thither, and yon. This finds you in some pretty strange places, mentally. You say weird things that shock other people, and it’s very difficult for them to understand where the heck you’re coming from. You jump to conclusions but often they’re the wrong ones, increasing your feeling of being misunderstood.

Fortunately, this is not a curse for life. There’s plenty you can do to learn to harness your incredible mental energy and turn these problems around. You do have a humorous streak so keeping things light and funny helps lessen other people’s discomfort around you — as long as the humor is appropriate!

When you want to, you can easily be attentive to social cues, sensing when your commentary is becoming edgy. The secret is not to succumb too frequently to the willful urge to upset people. Focus on progressive innovations and humanitarian concerns.