Venus trine Saturn: Serious about Love and Money

venus trine saturn 150x150 Venus trine Saturn: Serious about Love and Money

photo: Sean Kelley

Venus at 28 degrees Aquarius forms a trine to Saturn at 28 degrees Libra at 1:05 am PT.

Relationships and finances are highlighted by this short transit. We feel grounded and sensible at this time, ready to finally open that savings account or commit to another person in some capacity, whether romantically or otherwise. Begin by helping out someone in need. Make it real: Carry groceries, do some gardening, hang up pictures or see to whatever tasks they need completed.

Helping an elderly or infirm person is all the better. When someone comes around with a problem, be attentive and advise them with care. We make effective listeners and counselors right now.

This is also a great time for investments and business pursuits, and for financial affairs in general. Practical needs are put in perspective and we can make an effective financial plan. At work, commend someone on a job well done. To earn the respect of others, stay on task and fulfill all responsibilities.

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If you have Venus trine Saturn as a natal aspect:

You’re not the flashiest person around, but you are very dependable when it comes to love and money. You go for the wholesome look rather than glitz or glamour; simplicity is far more appealing to you. Whereas most people prefer the first blush of love, those exciting first months when you’re really trying to impress each other, you prefer a more mature relationship that has moved beyond that stage.

You are serious about love and romance, and are not afraid of commitment. You’re steady, reliable and dependable, and have the personal strength to stick with another person through good times and bad. You may have a fairly pessimistic view of romance and marriage, so you’re somewhat surprised when things actually work out.

You strive to earn and to keep your partner’s affections and regard, and you may be unconsciously worried that they could withdraw from you or that you love them more than they love you. If so, this fear makes you work all the harder to be so good, so dependable, so needed, that they could never dream of leaving you. Keep breathing; this fear is unfounded. Your devotion and strength of character make you an excellent partner.