Mercury conjunct Pluto: Razor Sharp Mind

mercury conjunct pluto Mercury conjunct Pluto: Razor Sharp Mind

photo: NJ Lee

Mercury at 7 degrees Capricorn forms a conjunction to Pluto, also at 7 degrees Capricorn at 5:01 am PT.

This transit brings razor-sharp mental capacities into full utility and sharpens our perceptions and our attention to detail. It’s the best time possible to research or investigate any subject of interest. With laser-like focus we can get immediately to the heart of the matter, eliminating superfluous details.

We express ourselves with equal clarity, on point and in focus. Opinions run strong and we can be quite passionate about expressing them. This ability to persuade others comes with a caveat: Be careful what you’re preaching.

We may get offended when someone disagrees with us or challenges our ideas. A gentle reminder that other people can have a different opinion than our own will prevent us from getting hot under the collar or from spouting a sarcastic comeback. A study of ancient mysteries or old, long-hidden texts is most rewarding now.

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If you have Mercury conjunct Pluto as a natal aspect:

You’ve got a razor-sharp mind that doesn’t miss details but your best mental strength is the ability to see right to the heart of the matter without getting distracted by meaningless information. You’ve got a keen ear, and the ability to discern important facts from superfluous fluff.

Investigation and research are tasks that come easily to you, along with your intelligence, nose for the news, and ability to ask the right questions. ‘Research’ can quickly develop into obsession; you must be very careful in this regard. You can easily get carried away with an idea or person, spending many hours a day brooding and stewing.

You have strong convictions and stand up firmly and eloquently for your beliefs. In fact, your speech is so powerful that others may consider you overbearing. Nonetheless you speak with great authority and such persuasion that in general, people listen to you.

You can speak like a politician, or a preacher, convincing others of your viewpoint simply on the strength of your belief in yourself. Cynicism is a danger for you, as is always looking on the dark side of things. But healthy skepticism on your part keeps you realistic.