Mercury trine Mars: Quick Thinking

mercury trine mars 150x150 Mercury trine Mars: Quick Thinking

photo: thebarrowboy

Mercury at 23 degrees Capricorn forms a trine to Mars at 23 degrees Virgo at 3:17 am PT.

This transit only lasts a few days and its influence is upbeat, energetic and feisty. We think on our feet right now, connecting dots at an alarming rate, our minds racing along various pathways and permutations. We are quick-thinking, analytical and communicative.

There’s a certain confidence in our manner of expression, which means that few will question our assertions at this moment, although they may well come back with appropriate and pointed questions next week.

Today, though, folks are more likely to respond to new ideas with enthusiasm and excitement. We speak with such conviction that our listeners are strongly motivated. We feel conversant and informed and are able to back up our ideas with facts and figures.

Active communications of all types are strongly favored now, as are competitive word games and physical activities such as biking, running and dance aerobics. Competition may be very appropriate right now.

If you have Mercury trine Mars as a natal aspect:

You know when to talk, and you know when to act. There’s a time for both, and no one senses the shift better than you. You’re willing to fight for what you believe. You’re not afraid to speak out on behalf of a worthy cause or a needy person, and the good thing about you is that not only will you talk, but you’ll also galvanize folks into action, with you at the helm.

What you do is informed by what you think, and this leads the way from active thought to reasonable decisions and intelligent behavior. Your mind works quickly, but you are not so mentally impatient as to leap to conclusions. You wait until all the information is in, and ask the right probing questions until you are satisfied that you have all the facts.

You’ve got plenty of physical energy and can get quite high-strung when you get nervous. Regular exercise can go a long way toward providing a safe outlet for all your nervous energy and will keep your mind strong and alert, as well as keeping your body active. You may have a loud voice, or speak very quickly — or talk too much! Don’t be a motor mouth. Be sure to listen as much as you speak.