Venus square Pluto: Secret Suspicions

 Venus square Pluto: Secret Suspicionsvenus square pluto 107x150 Venus square Pluto: Secret Suspicions

photo: Obsession: A Love on the Edge romance by Sharon Cullen

Venus at 8 degrees Aries forms a square to Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn at 10:31 am PT.

Ancient, unconscious flotsam and jetsam float to the surface today and, like a small invisible devil whispering in our ear, plant nagging doubts and secret suspicions that quickly loom large. We find ourselves scrutinizing our closest companions, wondering if they’re really where they say they are, and is that email relationship really all that innocent?

Compulsive, obsessive, jealous thoughts run repeatedly through our minds. And based on what? Nothing but age-old and terribly outdated psychological history. Some emotional archeology is in order. Transforming these urges to control and manipulate others frees up our intense, amazing creative ability.

This is not the time to cling to the past. People change and situations change. The more we resist, the worse it is. Our intuition about money and investments is telling us to hold back right now. Listen. And trying to buy someone off in a not-so-subtle attempt to guilt-trip or manipulate them is off-limits too. We can be on either end of the offer.

If you have Venus square Pluto as a natal aspect:

Why is it that your relationships always seem to be blindsided by things you never saw coming? Love and romance have never been the easiest areas for you. Oh, you’re interested, all right. Very much so. You were aware at an early age of the power of sex and seduction, and saw how certain people can be manipulated with the promise of passion; perhaps you learned these skills unconsciously from early childhood experiences.

When you fall in love, you’re sure it’s for keeps, every time. You have the utmost devotion for your lover, but worry that they don’t love you the same way you love them. You’re always on the lookout for signals that their affection is waning. Little do you know that your very suspicion drives them away; who wants their fidelity constantly doubted and tested?

Your demands on your lover’s time, attention and affection can be wearisome. You have motivations that aren’t obvious even to you, which drive you to partner up for riches, status or even sex. Awareness, honesty and making conscious choices will help you unlock the great potential of this aspect — powerful love and transformative relationships.