Mercury sextile Pluto: Digging Under the Surface

 Mercury sextile Pluto: Digging Under the Surfacemercury sextile pluto 138x150 Mercury sextile Pluto: Digging Under the Surface

photo: Everything Private Investigation Book: Master the techniques of the pros to examine evidence, trace down people, and discover the truth by Sheila L. Stephens

Mercury at 8 degrees Pisces forms a sextile to Pluto at 8 degrees Capricorn at 1:23 pm PT.

We won’t be satisfied with surface explanations today. Small inconsistencies in any story line will alert us to dig deep under the surface to find what we’re looking for.

We’re keenly observant, inclined to probe beyond the obvious and intent on getting to the heart of the matter. Little will escape our scrutiny. Even unspoken messages, conveyed through body language, glances or innuendo, cannot escape our eagle-eyed vision.

Mysteries appeal to us, both real and fictional. In the end, oddly enough, truth is often stranger than fiction. We are very passionate, even opinionated, about what we say now, and we certainly don’t want to be challenged on our ideas. We can use our powers of persuasion to move our agendas along –honestly, of course.

Integrity of motivation is crucial right now. We should be careful what we ask for, since we’re likely to get it.

If you have Mercury sextile Pluto as a natal aspect:

You have a fine mind, with keen intelligence and a knack for researching and digging deep, as well as for ferreting out the most pertinent facts when you’re investigating something. You leave no stone unturned, and can follow little nagging clues that lead to a big bang. You’re a little like a bloodhound on a scent.

You’ve got great powers of observation, noticing significant events and scrutinizing details that others may miss. You’d make a great investigative reporter or a scientist, or perhaps a mystery writer. Mysteries appeal to you, both real and fictional, but in the end, truth is stranger than fiction!

You’re quite convincing, both in speech and the written word, and you like stirring things up, bringing hidden information and agendas up to the surface for all to see. Some might call you a muckraker. The powerful way you express yourself and the uncomfortable things you say are bound to draw the attention of people you’ve offended.

It’s crucial that you be able to document your assertions with solid facts. And since you are so very persuasive, you must be doubly sure that your motives are pure. Avoid forays to the dark side.


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