Venus sextile Neptune: Loving and Compassionate

venus sextile neptune 150x150 Venus sextile Neptune: Loving and Compassionate

photo: Kjunstorm

Venus at 1 degree Taurus forms a sextile to Neptune at 1 degree Pisces at 4:27 am PT.

No one is going to feel particularly disciplined at this time, so let’s not be too hard on ourselves. We feel passive and receptive rather than active or assertive. Instead of work, all forms of creative expression are highlighted — art, music, nature and even romance. We need soft lights and quiet music, nothing loud, rude or jarring.

We are too easily influenced now, enchanted by images and distracted by glamor. Fantasies are far more compelling than reality, so it’s all too tempting to live in that ideal dream world than deal with the everyday, mundane details of our lives.

For those of us in relationships, we feel tender and affectionate toward our partners and these emotions are returned sweetly. Single folks find themselves imagining the perfect lover and perhaps even seeking that person out, but don’t run off to Vegas till next week, when reality has replaced the delicious dream we’re living in now.

If you have Venus sextile Neptune in your natal chart:

You have the wonderful ability to see the best in people and yet not be discouraged by their faults. You have a fine social sensibility; you’re loving and compassionate and you understand just how to show the universal love that flows through you. You’re caring and sensitive and will therefore enjoy many wonderful friendships and close relationships throughout the years with people who return your love wholeheartedly.

You have excellent taste in music, art, fashion and design, so your home is not only comfortable but beautiful and tasteful as well. You enjoy creating things of beauty and have a knack for arranging so that things look their best. You don’t mind spending on quality, and in fact may easily overspend and wind up with debt or credit issues, so learning to be careful with money is an important lesson for you.

In romance, you are quite idealistic, tending to see the positive sides of your lover and the relationship, without necessarily recognizing the difficult areas of either. Your reluctance to look on the less-than-perfect sides of life leaves you slightly gullible and easy to take advantage of. Don’t be too nice.