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Mars opposite Neptune: Aimlessness

mars opposite neptune1 150x150 Mars opposite Neptune: Aimlessness

photo: Peter Ward

Mars in Leo at 28 degrees forms an opposition to retrograde Neptune in Aquarius at 28 degrees at 4:36 am PT.

This is a period of low energy, missed opportunities and false expectations. We just don’t feel like ourselves these days — so who are we, anyway? Perhaps this is the question we must answer.

Concentration wanes and we zone out at the crucial moment, and miss the important directions. Then we’re not sure what to do and have to stumble through or ask for help.

Venus square Mars opposite Neptune: Relationship Fantasies

venus quincunx neptune1 Venus square Mars opposite Neptune: Relationship Fantasies

photo: mica12244art

Venus at 22 degrees Scorpio forms a square to Mars at 22 degrees Leo at 3:23 pm PT. Venus is also forming a square to Neptune at 28 degrees Aquarius while Mars forms an opposition to Neptune. This major configuration is known as a “Fixed T-square.”