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Pluto is a physically small planet that happens to pack a big wallop. Pluto has been associated with the grim reaper bearing death and destruction. Not a fun lovin' reputation to be sure! However, Pluto is also responsible for that deep fate-like bond you feel when you've met your soul mate. Pluto gives emotional intensity to everything his beams reach. Deep inner desires generally get drawn out with this planet's influence. Just remember, there are always two sides at work. If you've been living a conscious existence with no extra karma to bear in the present incarnation, then Pluto's touch may not be as difficult as it would be for someone who lives selfishly, inflicting pain wherever they go. This is not to say that you will be spared the usual trials and tribulations that happen to everyone. People come, people go. Relationships end once they've fulfilled their purpose. Life needs death to maintain a balance. Extra sensory perception, power, and sexual liaisons are also under Pluto's realm, so you may acquire more of them than usual. Most of all, Pluto helps transform your soul. Rise to the challenge, don't cringe, and you'll grow stronger.
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