The Astrologer
Sun in Libra
DO: Give a generous donation to the International Red Cross.
DON'T: Judge folks who don't understand you or agree with your views.

The Libra Sun is absolutely marvelous for your networking efforts. You have an incredibly charismatic personality that can charm even the most cantankerous of individuals. 'Grace' is your middle name and you certainly do appear graceful when you enter a room. You love pleasantries and seek beauty for personal enrichment. Fine music and art are subjects you can appreciate fully at this time. This solar influence is peace loving, friendly, and engaging. You are more cooperative than usual and others enjoy your presence. Even though there could be conflicts in the world, you don't want to have much of that in your own life. In fact, you may be tempted to go to great lengths to avoid any kind of conflict, because you may feel too delicate to face the beastly side of human nature. Your love for serenity may find you flitting away from situations that get too hairy for you. If you do, then you may be regarded as superficial, selfish, and weak. Everyone is quite happy in 'Wonderland,' but the real world is much more challenging. Life is full of contrasts, which work together to create an interesting existence. Remember, sweet is much sweeter when contrasted to bitter.
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